Welcome to allthegoodies - The YouTube channel and website for the design passionate and food loving traveller !


Ever planned a trip, but not knowing where to eat or sleep, where to go, do or see and if one is a design loving foodie like us this maybe a problem. This may be a hotel with a great location, an amazing restaurant, exciting  food, friendly people, music, bookstores, attractions or museums.


This is where allthegoodies can help. For many years people have asked us to share our knowledge about both hidden and well known design treasures in the shape of cool hotels, restaurants and things to do. Instead of telling them, we choose to show them with videos. We have now close to 400 videos available for you to watch. We recommend the places - and then it is up to you to decide if you like them or not !


Our main focus is Europe. We have visited great hotels, restaurants and attractions all over Europe and share our favorite places here. In "Hideaways" we present great places elsewhere that we have to share with you.


Our goal is to show all the places that we have discovered and loved in high quality videos. We have taken numerous pictures and made videos from every place we have visited. We now have upgraded our equipment to 4K, to bring you even higher quality videos. All the videos are available on YouTube - channel allthegoodies. In this last version of our site, we connect the videos with the rest of the content, giving you an even better experience. In the London section all the places are presented with - in addition to the video - describing text, pictures, map of location and address  and contact information to the chosen place.


Please enjoy and use allthegoodies.com before your next trip. You will not be disappointed.